Silent Heroes

First, let’s give tribute to all of you who give to our Lord in quiet and unseen ways.

The Gift of Generosity
There are many brothers and sisters in our midst who are accruing an incredible wealth in Heaven, but you would never know it to look at them. In fact, the very thing that empowers them to be rich in God’s Kingdom may be what frees them from the pressure to fulfill the razor-sharp image that our world demands. They see the financial resources that they receive as a part of their opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God. They don’t have a new car or a high-definition television, but they support four missionaries so that they can stay on the field. They wear the styles of last year (or the last decade), but there are children in Africa who have medicine that might have died otherwise. They take the abundance that flows from their hard work, and they turn it into the pure gold of expanding God’s Kingdom here on earth. They have made conscious decisions at the very marrow of their life to triumph over the flesh. We would never taint the purity of their sacred offerings to God by exposing them here, but our hearts can rejoice that we live among such goodness.

The Gift of Prayer and Faith
Trinity is also blessed with another great treasure. We are surrounded by brothers and sisters whose lavish generosity is invisible to the human eye – these are the heroes who pray. In the silence of the heart, our church family is sending up streams of hope to Heaven. Our prayers are collected in golden bowls to be the fragrance of God’s throne room. That is not a child’s fancy. It is a concrete reality spelled out in the Word of God, and our church is a beautiful part of it!

One gathers glimpses of this invisible but mighty work through random comments like: “Yeah, I try to remember to pray for that school when I pass it by on the road” or, “My little girl prays for that missionary every night; it is so cute” or, “My heart has been so burdened to pray for them, they are having such a hard time.” And one is humbled as a deepening friendship exposes the reality of a profound prayer life in another. When you happen to see the list of people they take to the Father every day, you realize they are limiting their schedule so they have time to pray, or they are suspiciously knowledgeable about the prayer concerns of the different ministries at Trinity. Their prayers somehow join and invoke the powerful work of God in this world and in our church. Every week our lives are impacted for the greatest good through their silent ministry. Perhaps you are one of these pray-ers. If so, we say Thank You.

~Jennifer Jagerson

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