Victory Inside & Out

Rich & Adele Kehoe – It all started when Rich was approaching the age of retirement. He started saying things like, “I don’t think someone who follows God ever retires.” So Rich began to pursue the heart God gave him to understand what might be next. He has always had a passion for discipleship. So he enrolled himself in the Institute for Spiritual Formation (ISF) at Talbot Seminary.

Rich says, “I went to ISF because I wanted to learn how to disciple others, but once I got into the program I realized that I needed to be discipled in a deeper way at the same time. I needed to be transformed inwardly, not just in behavior. I became more aware of things I was using as idols that I depended on as substitutes to meet my need for worth rather than knowing that God accepts me for who I am. I was attached to achievement and impressing people and controlling my circumstances to feel okay. The Lord is clearing the way so that he can meet those needs on a deeper level. I used to just go to Scripture and tell myself what must be true. But I also needed to go to my heart and learn what my true beliefs were and bring those fears and doubts to Jesus. Seeing the discrepancy between the truth of my heart and what I knew in my head has become a powerful part of understanding how God wants to work in me, and what is next in my relationship with him.”
Some people journey across the world to serve the Lord. Rich and Adele’s daughter, Katherine, is one of those crazy missionary types. She sneaks across an international border in Asia to enter a country whose army is bent on the extinction of an entire people group. She goes on behalf of the Lord Jesus to serve the refugees who live in the military’s line of fire. Others, like her mom and dad, show the infinite courage of taking the journey into the depths of their own heart and taking a good look at what is there. I don’t think it is a coincidence that dear, brave Katherine is related to them. As Rich and Adele share this journey together, they map the way for all who would like to journey with them, and they enrich our lives as well.

~Jennifer Jagerson

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