IFC Orientation

PowerPoint IFC - Friendship Family (Medium)The people of Trinity Church have an incredible opportunity to reach the world for Christ, from right here in Redlands. Never in the history of the Church has a generation of Christians had a greater opportunity to reach the world from the comfort of their own home than we have in America today! Over 750,000 international students are studying in American colleges each year.  Who are they? These are the future leaders of nearly 200 countries from around the world. They are smart. They speak English. They don’t need a place to live.

What international students need is an American friend. Adjusting to a whole new world is a nightmare for many of us.  An unpleasant and lonely stay will leave a lasting impression.  But there are countless things we can do to make international students’ experiences in America something to cherish. We can:

Invite them to dinner

  • Take them to ballgame
  • Celebrate holidays together
  • Take them shopping
  • Help them get oriented in Redlands
  • Invite them to church
  • Pray for them daily (They really want and appreciate our prayers.)
  • Share the greatest friend of all, Jesus Christ, as the opportunity arises

International students are interested in America.  They are interested in our ideas.  And they are fascinated with people who follow Christ. “Why do you feed us and do all these things with us,” they ask?  “Because we are followers of Jesus,” we tell them. “Who is this Jesus”?

Join us for a special training Sunday, September 15 at 12:30 pm on how to become a Friendship Family. For more information please contact Gordon & Cindy Mellis at (909) 798-7817 or ifcredlands@gmail.com.

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