Advent Conspiracy – IFC

Advent Conspiracy - IFCThe International Friendship Connection (IFC) is an organization formed to befriend international students and visiting scholars at local universities and colleges in Redlands, Loma Linda and San Bernardino. There are more than 2,500 international students in this area representing nearly 100 nations from around the world. They come here for education and they have a need for friendship and understanding of the largely unfamiliar American culture. IFC seeks to meet their need for friendship and understanding while introducing them to Jesus in the family of God.

Students speak English, but that is not necessarily their heart language. Our desire is to give them a gift of God’s word in the language which speaks to them on a deeper and more profound level. English and Spanish Bibles are easy to obtain and inexpensive to purchase here, but scriptures from other languages and countries are often quite expensive ($100-$200). Because of your gift to Advent Conspiracy, when students surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ through the ministry of IFC, we will be able to provide them with God’s word so that they can grow deeper in their faith.

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