Advent Conspiracy – Mexico Loft House

Advent Conspiracy - Loft HouseTrinity Church has a long history of investing in the lives of people in and around the city of Ensenada, Mexico. Over the years, we have provided food and shelter to people who are in need that live just 5 hours away from Redlands. These are people who live out of cardboard and tarp covered shelters, suffer from malnutrition, and long to make a better life for their children. We can give them a gift during the holidays that will bless their family and provide hope for their future.


We plan to build four (4) loft houses over the next few months, each with a cost of only $3,000. For such a small amount, we can help raise their standard of living considerably and set them on a path for self-sufficiency.

December 6-8, Trinity Church will send a team of volunteers to build two of these loft houses. You can be a part of this mission journey south of the border. Members of Light & Power will be on this trip along with young people, men, women and families, all joining together as the Body of Christ and celebrating Christmas in Mexico. Click Here for more information.

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