Advent Conspiracy – Micah House

Advent Conspiracy - Micah HouseTwelve years ago, Trinity Church partnered with the Redlands Police Department to start Trinity Community Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of a low-income, high-crime area of our city – North Redlands. We call it Micah House.

There are two locations, which serve more than 100 kids on a daily basis through the after-school program. One site is a commercial building and the other site is an apartment complex that has four 3-bedroom apartments. Since its inception we have built a solid reputation within the community and are adding to the health and vitality of the community on the north side of town.

Trinity Church contributes to the budget of Micah House for salaries, but funds for operating expenses and special programs come from private donations. Over the years, we have tried to add additional ministry for adults and older teens, and we have discovered that we need someone with experience in Community Development for a deeper impact in the community.

We are in the process of searching for a missionary couple/family to move into this neighborhood and take Micah House to the next level of development. One of the apartments is being prepared so that this family can live there and become a part of the community. Our desire is to bring someone in who can help us formulate a working ethos of development, perform a needs assessment, and implement ministries that work in this environment.

This is an exciting ministry just waiting to happen. Your gift to Advent Conspiracy will provide the necessary funding to launch this new initiative through Trinity Community Foundation.

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