Advent Conspiracy – Welcome Home Team

Advent Conspiracy - Welcome Home TeamThe County of San Bernardino has declared a ‘state of emergency’ due to the number of homeless families with children who are living on the streets. The Welcome Home Team of Trinity Church is partnering with several other churches and non-profits to provide lasting solutions to the problem of chronic homelessness in our area.

We will seek to empower families through this program to unlock their potential for success through friendship and new beginnings. When the Housing Authority provides a family with a place to live, our team will mobilize volunteers, collect furnishings and household items, and help the family move into their new home. Once this relationship has been established, we will address their long-term needs to ensure that the problems, which initially created their homelessness, do not re-occur. The family will be offered wrap-around services like budget and financial management, parenting skills, medical/dental/psychological evaluations, employment and interview skills, résumé skills and much more. Your gift will enable Trinity Church to provide these wrap around services to families all next year.

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