Developing A Global Lifestyle

God's Heart (Small)Our guest speaker, Jeff Lewis for our Mission Weekend Celebration taught us about the Biblical Basis of Mission. This reference list below was taken from Jeff Lewis’ book called God’s Heart For The Nations.

Ideas for Developing a Global Lifestyle

As the Holy Spirit directs, write down what he is leading you to focus on first. Be sure to share this with someone so they can encourage you along the way.

  • Begin to highlight the verses in your Bible that refer to God’s global purpose.
  • Integrate a global perspective into your daily prayer life.
  • Subscribe to a missions periodical and keep up to date with what God is doing in the world.
  • If you are in debt, develop a plan to get out of debt so that you can be more strategically involved in God’s global purpose in your giving.
  • Become aware of current international events.
  • Incorporate in your decision-making process this question, “How will this decision impact my involvement in God’s global purpose?”
  • Connect with a missionary and become a part of his/her support team.
  • Become an advocate and a prayer warrior for an unreached people group.
  • Fast one day a month for the purpose of focusing on world evangelization.
  • Apply for your passport.
  • Continue to memorize verses that relate to God’s global purpose.
  • Discover who the internationals are that have come to your campus or community.


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