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The World Health Organization has stated that Ebola “is spreading exponentially in Liberia, with many thousands of new cases expected over the next few months.” Hospitals and other health organizations are overwhelmed with the spread of this disease. Our mission partner, David Kiamu, is leading churches in rural villages by teaching them basic interventions to stay safe, like washing hands with chlorinated water, restricting movements within the community, refrain from touching deceased bodies and providing hand washing buckets for people’s homes. David’s organization, Live Life Liberia, has a mission to provide health, hygiene, education, safe water and agriculture to those living in remote areas of Liberia. Your contribution to Advent Conspiracy will provide hand washing bucket stations, hand washing solution, protective suits, masks and gloves along with food and medicine for people who are in need during this crisis.

Our mission partners in Vietnam work with business leaders to create sustainable jobs and ministries to help Vietnamese Christians support their families and churches. They impact senior leadership of the country and in the business community in an effort called Business for Transformation. Additionally, they help equip church planters by providing theological training in remote villages around the country. Funds from Advent Conspiracy will help translate LARED Business Transformation Principles from English into Vietnamese, so that Christian business leaders will be better prepared to conduct business with westerners.

Arab World
We have a unique relationship with Frontiers missionaries who are working in the Arab world to develop a relevant translation of selected passages of the Old Testament into modern Arabic. Having helped in previous years, these missionaries have completed the New Testament and are now working on the Old Testament. Your contribution will help complete these select passages, so that people in North Africa and the Middle East will have better access to the gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart language.

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