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What will the next generation of missionaries be doing? The Mission Core team has been asking that question and planning for the future, so that we can be proactive in challenging, engaging and informing our young people for God’s calling on their lives. Currently, missionaries are being sent from countries which were once receiving nations like South Korea, Nigeria, India and Brazil. At the same time, technology is advancing at alarming rates. Until recently, the Gospel was being proclaimed passively from radio and television, but now it has suddenly become highly interactive with the advancement of the internet, mobile phone applications and video chats.

Given these realities in our world, we are in the process of preparing the next generation of missionaries for a new paradigm of serving the Lord across borders, cultures and languages. Urbana is a massive gathering of young people that happens every three years in St. Louis where they are exposed to missionary sending agencies, theological and missiological teaching, and networking with others who are sensing the Lord’s call. As a follow up to this conference, Trinity will be hosting Perspectives on the World Christian Movement a fifteen week intensive course that will lead its students through Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic perspectives for God’s Great Commission to go into all the world.

Funds from Advent Conspiracy will be used for scholarships to the Urbana Conference and for the Perspectives class.

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